Facebook: in less than 100 words

Who doesn’t have a Facebook in the year 2016? It has gotten so bad, to which parents have even started creating Facebook pages for their babies. In recent years, posting videos on Facebook to make them “viral” is something that is not particularly uncommon anymore. So, what exactly happened to the true meaning of having a Facebook page? What happened to having a Facebook full of people you actually know and care about? Is Facebook just a fading trend in society, or is it something that is going to be around for the long-run? 


Food 2016: in less than 100 Words

Taking photographs of ‘food’ appears to be more important to this generation than taking photos of things that actually matter. Well, who is the main culprit here? Instagram? Facebook? Yourself? Who would agree with me, if I were to say that we should be taking more photos with the people whom we love, other than the food in which we consume. We should be cherishing the memories we create with our loved ones, not taking photos of the food we were eating while we were with them.