The truth behind work

Here is the sad reality and truth of working. We work our lives away, we litterally go to work on average 5 days a week to make money. Some people earn heaps and some people earn so little and yet, we give our precious time to be a slave to money. 

We then spend this money that we worked hard for, that we wasted our time for. How depressing is the thought of that? We use up our time, to work, to give services for others, to make money which is spent on life essentials like food or bills. 

Some of us don’t even get the time to travel, they can’t save up enough to explore the world or to use their hard earnt money on something more than just food and bills – like a routine of life. 

I wish life was easier than what is it. I wish there was more to life than working. I wish the world didn’t revolve around money. I wish we didn’t need money to travel. I wish we could all enjoy life equally and experience everything without having to waste our precious time slaving away for financial aid. How depressing.  


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