Little hope for graduates

What you are about to read is my story, my story for employment – or lack of. 

After recently graduating from University, I have had absolutely no hope in finding a career. I am stuck, I am honestly lost. I am left feeling hopeless, pathetic with low self-confidence. My emails are full of rejection letters and job applications which I rarely ever hear back from, I have tons of experience in my field but it is still a struggle? I’ve gotten to the point where I check my emails every few hours to hope it’s a reply back from a position in which I’ve applied for. I am constantly updating my resume and changing it, I am always trying so hard when I get job interviews but I am never given a chance. I litterally apply for 5-10 job positions every single day, and you get to that point where you litterally lose hope in developing a stable and rewarding career. 

I’m only 22, but if you don’t have experience and if you don’t have something that the employer wants, they won’t hire you. They aren’t going to go out of their way to train you either, they just aren’t going to give you a chance,. I get to that point where I litterally feel helpless and that I’m not wanted. Do you know how that feels? Every job I have worked in so far, have said that I am the hardest worker that they have come across and yet, it is such a struggle to prove that to new employers on first impressions.
In all honestly, I believe it’s about the people you know, not about what you know. So now I am left to think that going to University in the first place was pointless, that my degree I chose to study was  waste. Where does that leave me and how does that make me feel? Well I’ll tell you. It makes me feel like I have wasted a majority of my life so far on something that practically have no chance in. Do I want to risk it, and go back to study to learn more or do I just accept this fact and hope for the best? It has gotten to that point where I am honestly applying for any job, in any field. Does this make me desperate or just overly willing to start a career? You be the judge.


The truth behind work

Here is the sad reality and truth of working. We work our lives away, we litterally go to work on average 5 days a week to make money. Some people earn heaps and some people earn so little and yet, we give our precious time to be a slave to money. 

We then spend this money that we worked hard for, that we wasted our time for. How depressing is the thought of that? We use up our time, to work, to give services for others, to make money which is spent on life essentials like food or bills. 

Some of us don’t even get the time to travel, they can’t save up enough to explore the world or to use their hard earnt money on something more than just food and bills – like a routine of life. 

I wish life was easier than what is it. I wish there was more to life than working. I wish the world didn’t revolve around money. I wish we didn’t need money to travel. I wish we could all enjoy life equally and experience everything without having to waste our precious time slaving away for financial aid. How depressing.  


I am so bored. I am so confused. I am so lost. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go. I don’t know where to be in this point in my life. Are we really just meant to work, sleep and eat for our whole lives? I don’t want a life this boring. 

Job hunting: in less than 100 words

These days, employers want someone who has 6 years experience and 10 different qualifications. Some people are lucky enough to get a new job every few months, whereas some of us aren’t so lucky. Some could spend years applying for jobs but get no offers in return. These days, there seems to be way too many job seekers and not enough employment opportunities. So, what is getting done about this? 

Facebook: in less than 100 words

Who doesn’t have a Facebook in the year 2016? It has gotten so bad, to which parents have even started creating Facebook pages for their babies. In recent years, posting videos on Facebook to make them “viral” is something that is not particularly uncommon anymore. So, what exactly happened to the true meaning of having a Facebook page? What happened to having a Facebook full of people you actually know and care about? Is Facebook just a fading trend in society, or is it something that is going to be around for the long-run? 

Money: in less than 100 words

Money. Both rewarding and controlling. Some people dedicate their lives to reaching a bank account with 7 digits or more, while others just wish to have enough money to last the week. Does money create ultimate happiness? The logical answer could be, yes, but if you’re working every day of the week and working overtime.. will this leave you with anything other than a happy bank account?.. When do you find yourself having time for anything else, let alone.. anyone else? Is this what some would call a genuinely happy life?



Food 2016: in less than 100 Words

Taking photographs of ‘food’ appears to be more important to this generation than taking photos of things that actually matter. Well, who is the main culprit here? Instagram? Facebook? Yourself? Who would agree with me, if I were to say that we should be taking more photos with the people whom we love, other than the food in which we consume. We should be cherishing the memories we create with our loved ones, not taking photos of the food we were eating while we were with them.